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Digital Video Marketing

Digital Video Advertising

What is Digital Video Advertising?

Digital video advertising is a highly effective method for reaching your customers, increasing brand recall and recognition. Imagine your customers seeing your video ad while they watch videos on their favorite streaming video service, mobile device, or smart TV.

With strategic placement and behavioral targeting, your ads can be placed with the videos and shows that your target customers are most likely to be watching. Plus, with the incredibly wide reach of advertising networks your videos will be seen by your target customers no matter where they live.

We're here to help you to create and place digital video ads that will be sure to get your customer's attention.

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Digital Video Advertising
Pre-roll Video

Pre-roll Video

Pre-roll ads are the videos that run before a user can watch the video that they selected. This tactic is available on a wide-range of sites, devices and platforms, allowing your business the flexibility to be seen by the right audience, at the right time.

Connected TV Advertising

Connected TV Advertising

Create and serve digital video ads within streaming content on Internet-connected televisions and devices. Display your advertisements to users of smart TVs and streaming media devices such as Roku, AppleTV, and on services like Sling TV.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising

With over 1 billion users watching 4 billion videos per day, YouTube is a valuable marketing resource. Get in front of the right customers when you target based on location, demographics and viewing habits.

How do Advertising Networks Work?

How do Advertising Networks Work

Websites offer their available ad inventory on display advertising networks. Advertising Networks, such as Google's DoubleClick, manage and sell available inventory through automated ad auctions. These networks allow brands of every size to access the same inventory, facilitating the ability to advertise on local, national, and even international websites.

In addition to inventory, advertising networks provide extensive ad targeting options. By leveraging anonymous user data, networks help advertisers to effectively target prospects based on a wide variety of demographic and geographic factors. Brands can also drill down granularly to reach users based on behavioral factors such as the types of sites visited, those who view pages or videos on topics related to your product, and those who may be "in the market" for your services.

Advertising networks provide the tools, and CAC Marketing provides the know-how to get your business noticed online!