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Programmatic Digital Display

Programmatic Digital Display

Display Targeting

Display advertising is a powerful marketing tactic that allows your business to have visibility on sites across the web using static and animated web ads. When layered with programmatic targeting, you gain additional control over how and where your ads are seen, allowing you to reach your target market anytime, anywhere, and on any device - including apps!

Display advertising

Targeting Options:

  • Demographics - such as age group, gender, occupation
  • Behavioral - user likes, favorites, or searched terms
  • Content - place ads on sites about a specific topics
  • Geotargeting - reach prospects in or searching about a specific area
  • Frequency Capping - stay relevant and conserve your budget
  • Day Parting - when customers are online, or when you're available

Microproximity Targeting

Microproximity Targeting

With microproximity or geofencing, you have the ability to reach consumers while they’re at specific locations including stores, offices, competitors, and more.

Device ID Targeting

Device ID Targeting

Utilizing the device ID allows you to use the customer's location history to target users who have visited similar locations in order to serve your ads.

IP Targeting

IP Targeting

Use your business database to target current customer's devices in order to serve ad impressions specifically tailored to existing customers.

Native Advertising

Native advertising uses a brand’s most compelling visual content and makes it look and feel like will look like they are part of the page.

  • Ads are formatted like its surrounding content
  • Ads are located with the feed of the content
  • Ads provide information contributing to the site content

Native Advertising

How do Advertising Networks Work?

How do Advertising Networks Work

Websites offer their available ad inventory on display advertising networks. Advertising Networks, such as Google's DoubleClick, manage and sell available inventory through automated ad auctions. These networks allow brands of every size to access the same inventory, facilitating the ability to advertise on local, national, and even international websites.

In addition to inventory, advertising networks provide extensive ad targeting options. By leveraging anonymous user data, networks help advertisers to effectively target prospects based on a wide variety of demographic and geographic factors. Brands can also drill down granularly to reach users based on behavioral factors such as the types of sites visited, those who view pages or videos on topics related to your product, and those who may be "in the market" for your services.

Advertising networks provide the tools, and CAC Marketing provides the know-how to get your business noticed online!